Our Story – What is Godspeed Bicycles

After leaving a cycling industry conference in 2016, one thing was very clear.  The cycling industry was changing and loosing touch with independent bicycle dealer’s needs.  Godspeed bicycles was created as a means to support Local Bike Shops while providing unparalleled quality and customization with every bicycle we sell. 

At Godspeed, we’re aware of our duty towards the customer and to the cycling community at large.  This is why we strive for the very highest standards.  Always.

Godspeed Bicycles – Ride With Efficiency

Godspeed Bicycles gives you efficiency.  Efficiency through lightweight, power transfer effective, aero integrated, rider compliant frames specific in niche riding styles.  You want a one-bike-fits-all bike?  Buy a homogenized big brand.  You want to excel in your craft?  You want a Godspeed. 
Available at your local stocking dealer or buy online with free shipping via Click-To-Brick direct to your LBS. Godspeed offers best in class performance, lightweight, and efficient Trail bikes, Gravel bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Road bikes, and Fat bikes.  

Our Assembly Process – Crafting Excellence at Godspeed Bicycles

At Godspeed Bicycles, we take immense pride in our meticulous and hands-on approach to bike assembly. While our frames are manufactured overseas, the true magic happens at our headquarters in Fenton, MI. We know that genuine craftsmanship is unparalleled, which is why we resist the temptation to outsource assembly for cost-cutting purposes. Instead, we prioritize having complete control over the quality of our products.

Our dedicated team operates in the bustling hub known as “Assembly Alley,” where our exceptional line of bikes comes to life. In this specialized section, every bike undergoes rigorous testing and inspections to ensure it meets our stringent criteria for performance and safety. What sets our assembly process apart is the fully equipped, in-house assembly production line. This approach fosters collaboration among our employees, emphasizing our commitment to teamwork and a shared passion for bikes. From carefully picking and inspecting individual components to the skilled assembly of intricate parts, our technicians focus on precision to optimize performance and longevity.

Quality Control – At the core of our process

Our team conducts multiple checkpoints, employing methods such as laser alignment and thorough cosmetic checks. Our standards are incredibly high, with a tolerance level thinner than a human hair. This level of precision guarantees that each bike leaving our facility meets the highest standards for performance and safety.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our relentless pursuit of quality. With a continual quality control process at every step of the bike’s journey to your trails, we ensure that each Godspeed bike performs precisely as expected. When you choose Godspeed, you can trust that your bike has been meticulously inspected and tested for optimal performance. Ride with confidence, knowing that your Godspeed bicycle is ready to handle any adventure you throw at it.