Meet our Ambassadors...

Andrew B. (2022)

What kind of cyclist are you? Gravel roads are my main discipline, but mostly, I try to be a motivational cyclist. I prefer watching someone else get better and progress to my own pursuits.

How long has cycling been your main jam? I’ve only been cycling for about 8 years. Originally, I was playing around with triathlons until I fell in love with gravel.

When did it become more than just riding around? Around 6 years ago, I got the bug bad and now all my time and effort is put in to cycling and cycling related activities.

Whacha’ done on yer bike that’s cool? I’ve raced about every race in Michigan. My bike has also taken me to the hills of North Carolina and mountains of Utah.

What does cycling mean to you? Cycling gives me a sense of freedom. It takes me back to when I was younger and my bike would take me everywhere around my town.

Where’s your riding inspiration coming from? My inspiration comes from inspiring others. As someone who came into cycling later in life, I want to help other adults find the enjoyment that I feel.

What’s your favorite Godspeed model? Crusade

How ya fueling (for cycling)? Pop tarts and Coke

Whacha’ doin’ off the bike? Father, husband, friend and actuary… oh, I also run marathons.


Jaydeethree (2022)

What kind of cyclist are you? “All arounder” enduro, xc, downhill, down country, gravel, cx, bmx.

How long has cycling been your main jam? Lived on a bike until I was 17 raced bmx until I was 16. Got back into riding about 8 years ago. It has became more than just riding about 5 years ago.
What have you done on your bike that is cool? Ridden black diamonds, hit jumps, races. Anything on a bike is cool, any day on a bike is a good day : )
What does cycling mean to you? This is a lifestyle, stay healthy, stay fit, its forever a huge part of who I am and will forever be at least on my mind. Makes me feel young and free.
Favorite godspeed model? Wrath (so far).
How are ya fueling? Healthy foods! No fast food in almost 5 years and Hammer nutrition products. 
What are you doin off the bike? Working and spreading love and positivity.